We Write with Shapes


We Design with Words

We write with shapes


We design with words


We are Italians, educated and nourished by European culture,
with deep roots founded in Australia. We admire our surroundings through an international lens that longs for diversity and interconnections, as well as a culture of respect or intergenerational relationships.

Our design seeks to evoke beauty, well-being, and impact, celebrating humanity through the synergy of our opposing natures. We believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration, which
is why we have established a collective of like-minded professionals. Our team includes architects, designers, CGI artists, illustrators, photographers, storytellers, philosophers, writers, psychologists,
and community members.


Architectural Wayfinding
Our Wayfinding practice is respectful of place. It is founded on comprehending behaviours and on translating architectural visions and identities into effective solutions that enhance spaces and facilitate connections.

Place Curation
Guided by the concept of CURA, we design place strategies with the objective of taking care of places and their people. We act as facilitators, establishing meaningful conversations and developing layers of activations.

We base our process on collaboration and trust, as these allow us to connect deeply with ideas and visions. It is only through authenticity, that our imagination can propose transformative solutions that respect identities.

Environmental Design
We design for the built environment merging architecture, graphic design, art and lighting.
Our strategies are born through inquisitive research, reading the details of place and community in a crossflow of disciplines.


Two principles, brain and heart, geometry and poetry, harmoniously shape our nature and approach. FORM represents the essence of our philosophy, fusing culture, precision, and the synergy of our opposing forces. It intertwines emotions, producing languages that speak multiple voices.

CURA drives our desire to shape transformative design solutions through the act of ‘taking care’.

We nurture our creativity through curious dialogue and relentless exploration.