A Portal to a New Way of Working

Linearity, framing, and extrusion form the foundation of a transformative design approach at 10 Barrack Street, working harmoniously to define the movement and passages between spaces and create an innovative and immersive wayfinding journey. These design elements converge to establish a dynamic and captivating environment that guides, engages, and enchants those who traverse its spaces.

10 Barrack Street

10 Barrack Street

The 10 Barrack Street wayfinding and signage project is a beautifully crafted design that pays tribute to the rich history of the surrounding area, while also providing clear and concise direction for visitors. Situated in the heart of the CBD, only 50 meters from Martin Place, the building is exposed to a bustling pedestrian area, making the connection with the public space that surrounds the site even stronger.

The key pillars of the design, linearity, framing, and extrusion, work together to define the movement and passages between spaces, and create a new wayfinding journey for visitors. Inspired by the concept of a portal, the design creates a sense of grandeur and elegance that perfectly complements the building's historic significance.

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Sydney CBD
Branding, Identity, Placemaking, Wayfinding
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The historical significance of the place.

From its origins as military barracks to its vibrant transformation into a thriving modern center, we have keenly observed the pivotal role this locale has played throughout the evolution of Sydney as a renowned business hub. Our design intent celebrates the enduring heritage of this cherished place, paying homage to its remarkable contribution to the city's legacy and inviting you to be a part of its timeless story.

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