Purposeful Spaces

Questioning the limits of place and materiality, the Danias project made us reflect upon the profound nature of our existence. The dialogues invited us to explore the intricate relationship between our purpose and the spaces we inhabit, interrogating us about intention.



The work undertaken for Danias Group was inspired by the profound legacy of a remarkable family and their deep connection to Marrickville. Our mission for this project was to cultivate an authentic and compelling brand development and to create a commemorative book that would encapsulate their inspiring journey. Throughout our collaboration, we forged a close bond with the client, which not only enhanced our creative process but also bestowed upon us a treasure trove of captivating anecdotes. These stories painted a vivid picture of a Greek migrant whose visionary spirit and unwavering determination laid the foundation for a thriving family business that has stood the test of time. It was an immense privilege to delve into this significant family history and translate it into a refined and elegant manifestation, employing carefully crafted shapes and design elements. The resulting book stands as a tribute to the entire team of individuals who contributed to the remarkable success of Danias Group, and it is with great pride that we were able to breathe life into their remarkable story in such a minimal yet sophisticated manner.

Timberyards Project

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Marrickville NSW
Danias Group
Branding, Copywriting, Publishing
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We think of places as shapes that hold cultural expression, skills, emotion, values that transcend their material, programmatic and structural functions.

Spaces define our reality and the boundaries of our living. Space frames the extent to which our own body moves and objects are placed. It allows for us to function. Our role is to create purposeful spaces and it drives us to keep interrogating ourselves on the responsibility we possess. We intend to participate in the creation of thoughtful places that nurture and strengthen the individuals that compose our society. We intend to push the linear boundaries of property facilitation to generate inclusion and elevate places through functional, intentional spaces.

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