Celebrating Marrickville’s character.

Unveiling authentic design solutions through meticulous and comprehensive research, as well as fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation, lies at the core of our approach. We believe that the art of place curation in Marrickville not only demands a deep understanding of the local context but also requires a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating meaningful experiences.



The Place Curation work at Timberyards was instigated by the desire to design authentically for the people of Marrickville. In-depth research was performed by our team, where in situ observations and discussions were conducted, including a photographic reportage of the area. The analysis of the territory and the people took us on a journey of discovery, where we uncovered the needs, frustration and aspirations of a community that deserves to be celebrated and supported through the change the suburb faces. A detailed list of activations and creative solutions has been designed based on these results and in collaboration with a collective of consultants and the Client.

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Marrickville NSW
Danias Group
Place Curation

G3 Architecture

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Led by curiosity we established a solid line of communication with the community.

Our community-driven approach allowed us to unlock a truly unique and compelling design rooted in the authentic experiences of the people who call Marrickville home. 

Practical and thoughtful design solutions were considered to reflect the profile of the project’s demographic. Each solution was carefully evaluated and tested to ensure it aligned with our core values of authenticity, creativity, and innovation. The result is a dynamic and engaging plan that celebrates this vibrant neighbourhood's unique character and spirit.

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