Passion & Precision

At Kuro, a mesmerizing realm where the interplay of darkness and light dances in perfect harmony, every intricate detail weaves a narrative that captivates and enchants. Our pursuit of excellence goes beyond mere aesthetics; it delves into the realm of storytelling, where each element meticulously chosen has a tale to share.



For Kuro, our goal was to create a visual experience inspired by Japanese culture. Kuro is a Japanese dining destination in Sydney.

Through a series of workshops, we delved deep into the brand's vision and uncovered a story of passion and precision that genuinely captured the restaurant's essence. By analysing the relationship between darkness and the power of light, we could focus on a moment of creation that perfectly embodied the brand. And, of course, we couldn't ignore the significance of the name itself: Kuro means black in Japanese, a fitting nod to the brand's sleek, sophisticated aesthetic. Our research-based approach was at the heart of our branding project, which allowed us to create a unique and compelling brand story that truly sets Kuro apart.

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Sydney NSW
Branding, Signage

Henderson & Co.

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The synthesis of Precision and Passion.

Kuro is a celebration of the past and the future, with a focus on building connections between the old and the new. Through the careful crafting of antique familiar flavours and a dedication to exceptional precision and quality, Kuro's immersive dining experience is designed to re-establish a connection with our human needs. Guided by a commitment to the process of creation, Kuro is a testament to the power of tradition and innovation. 

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