The Pureness of Natural Creation.

Inspired by the natural shapes of eroded shorelines and the purity of creation, our designs are infused with poetry to enhance the overall experience and create a profound impact of beauty on people and places. Guided by our devotion to "CURA" (from Latin - to take care), every element is carefully considered.

Aura North Sydney

Aura North Sydney

Located at 168 Walker Street, our site is perfectly situated within the captivating energy of nature. In collaboration with Woods Bagot, our concept embraces the essence of water, light, air, and organic forms, creating a design that exudes elegance and harmony. We believe in the profound impact of design on people and places, infusing poetry into our design to enhance the overall experience. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every element, from the overall layout to the intricate craftsmanship, contributes to a seamless and intuitive wayfinding experience. With nature serving as our guiding inspiration, we draw inspiration from the eroded shoreline's natural shapes and the purity of creation. AURA presents a unique opportunity for the community, combining the magnificence of the environment with the fulfilment of human needs. Embracing the concept of the Pearl as "the first of all precious things", we have developed a family of signs that blend art and design, and harmonise with the surrounding environment.

Aqualand's Aura project is currently in the construction phase and is scheduled for completion in mid-2024.

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North Sydney
Wayfinding — Signage

Woods Bagot
Richards Stanisich

Architectural CGIs by Binyan

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The practice of traditional craftsmanship blended with modern architecture.

The intention of our work, aims to honour the practice of traditional craftsmanship blended with modern architecture supporting the creation of superior design that elevates and distinguishes the experience between the different areas: public, private, residential, commercial, amenities and retail.

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