The Spirit of Creation

Ester can be traced back to a lucky encounter between two visionary minds, each with their distinct creative prowess and divergent design philosophies. One, an advocate for minimalism and clean lines, drawing inspiration from the purity of science. The other, a champion of maximalism, indulging in ornate details and extravagant aesthetics.

Ester Spirits

Ester Spirits

Crafting an identity from a dream is an incredible journey that we feel incredibly honoured to undertake.

We have brought to life the essence of Ester Spirits, a remarkable being born from the magic of chemical reactions and opposing forces. Our goal was to capture the unique personality of our clients and their vision, celebrating their character with a bold individuality. With vibrant colours and captivating shapes, we have created a brand that confidently speaks to the spirit of creation. Our work for Ester encompasses everything from branding and packaging to posters and web design.

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Marrickville NSW
Ester Spirits
Brand Curation — Packaging — Creative Direction

Ali Nasseri — Hugh O'Brien

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We celebrate the founder's identity and authenticity by creating a solution that is both bold and refined.

Bold colours and shapes, repetition, appreciation for details and deadpan humour. Ester is an irreverent being, fanatic about flavours and obsessed with quality and details. Ester is not just a spirit, Ester is what you wear, what you eat, and how you live.

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