A Dynamic Celebration of History and Heritage

The celebration of the city, its rich history, and the vibrant tapestry of its people lie at the heart of a tribute to Sydney's past, present, and future. Central to this homage is the recognition of the pivotal role that Market Street has played in the development and evolution of Sydney's bustling CBD.

44 Market Street

44 Market Street

The sophisticated and refined re-development conducted by Woods Bagot required a Signage & Wayfinding strategy that would create balance and harmony between design and users. 44 Market Street is a celebration of the city, its history and people. These elements have given us the rhythm to create a timeless design, where brass and stone provide a classic and immortal approach; the clean, integrated and minimal look pays homage to the continuous evolution of Sydney CBD. A key placemaking element was situated in front of the building, to give further recognition to our past and invite commuters to pause and reflect.

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Sydney NSW
Wayfinding — Worksplace

Woods Bagot

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The line represents the passage of time as a connection between the different eras of Market Street as a place.

The wayfinding digital totems acts as a statement in the new lobby sectioning the place in two parts and directing people to the right lift. The building brand, designed by us, is the first point of contact on approach.

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